VMware vSphere 6.5 what is new?

//VMware vSphere 6.5 what is new?

VMware vSphere 6.5 what is new?

After some days of with sick leave, I am back.

Many new announcements in the last weeks. Let ‘s start with the first one, new VMware vSphere 6.5 version.

What is new in the new version? Many new features and improvements have been added to this 6.5 version.

Unfortunately since I was ill, did not had the change to test this in the BETA program(will try to check this in next weeks).


  • Migration
  • Improved Appliance Management
  • VMware Update Manager
  • vCenter Server High Availability
  • Backup and Restore
  • vSphere Web Client
    – Inventory tree is the default view
    – Home screen reorganized
    – Renamed “Manage” tab to “Configure”
    – Removed “Related Objects” tab
    – Performance improvements (VM Rollup at 5000 instead of 50 VMs)
    – Live refresh for power states, tasks, and more!
  • vSphere Client (fully supported version of the HTML5-based vSphere Client)

Note: All these features and details can be check: What’s New in vSphere 6.5: vCenter Server

Management and Operations:

  • Enhanced vSphere Host Lifecycle Management Capabilities.
  • VMware Update Manager (VUM) vSphere 6.5 it has been fully integrated with the VCSA.
  • New Host Profiles.
  • Resource Management – HA, FT and DRS.
  • Proactive HA.
  • vSphere HA Orchestrated Restart.
  • Simplified vSphere HA Admission Control.
  • Fault Tolerance (FT) (more integration with DRS).
  • DRS Advanced Options.
    – VM Distribution
    – Memory Metric for Load Balancing
    – CPU over-commitment
  • Network-Aware DRS
  • SIOC(Storage IO Control) + SPBM(Storage Based Policy Management).
  • Content Library.
  • Developer and Automation Interfaces.
  • Operations Management.

Note: All these features and details can be check: vSphere 6.5: Host & Resource Management and Operations


  • VM Encryption
  • vMotion Encryption
  • Secure Boot support
    – ESXi Secure Boot
    – Virtual Machine Secure Boot
  • Enhanced Logging
  • Automation (more PowerCli commands)

Note: All these features and details can be check: What’s new in vSphere 6.5: Security

Conclusion: Virtualization infrastructures is changing every day, and VMware is trying to add more features and areas where we virtualize all Infrastructures and areas. Cloud environments is growing fast and new features are added everyday to Virtualizae Infrastructures.

Personalty vSphere life-cycle maybe is getting to is end of life(more 5 years?), because all will be NSX, vSAN, Cloud, IoT, etc., if will be set on vSphere as base, we don’t know.

Regarding vSphere 6.5, all these new features provides to all vSphere more easy to deploy and manage, but also more security with the new encryption features(need to test if these new features will not have some performance impact as we know encryption always bring us). Dropping Adobe Flex vs Java and go 100% to HTML5-based is also something that we all hope.

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