Today I get a strange error in 3 of my ESXi hosts. One was a physical ESXi host, and two were nested ESXi hosts.

All have a warning: “All shared datastores failed on the host”

Did not change anything in the iSCSI configurations. Did a double check in iSCSI configuration, check the iSCSI vmkernel, check iSCSI Software Initiator, check port bindings, etc., all were ok. All Datastores were on the host, and all VMs were running without any issues, so was a strange error.

Looking at the ESXi log and vmkernel log did not find any error related to this issue. So I start to remove port binding iSCSI interfaces and add back again and did a rescan, the issue was still in the hosts. Try to remove all interfaces, create all iSCSI configurations from scratch and still no luck.

Next step was to restart vCenter agents in the ESXi host: “/etc/init.d/hostd restart” and “/etc/init.d/vpxa restart”. But again, this did not work, so I move VMs from the host and reboot the host.

After the restart, the error persists, so I decide to remove (remove the host, not disconnect) the ESXi host from vCenter and add back again. When I added the host add a different error regarding vDS host sync. So I added the host back to the main Virtual Distributed Switch (vDS) and both errors were gone.

In the nested ESXi hosts, I try a different approach, I enable HA (High Availability) and then disable again. I know this would refresh and enable HA agents and also management network, and the Datastore issue was clear.

I try to google this issue in VMware KB did not find anything related to this issue.

Did not notice that this error had any impact in the exiting datastores in these ESXi hosts, all VMs were running without any problems.

Hope this can help you remove this annoying error.

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