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Veeam: ESXi 6.0 – CBT bug and fix(fix VMs and reset CBT) Part II

Continuing the ESXi 6.0 CBT(Change Block Tracking) issue, so that our backups and restore can work properly, CBT needs to be reset. This is a mandatory task that needs to be done to all VMs that are in the Backups jobs. Regardless of the Backup tool you use to backup your VMware environment. Again, in [...]

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Veeam: ESXi 6.0 – CBT bug and fix

In the last weeks there was found another bug in the CBT feature in ESXi 6.0 and ESXi Update 1. The bug affects all Backups in the VMware Virtual area. This bug affect any tool that use CBT(used in the incremental backups) in their backups.   VMware note: "When running incremental virtual machine backups, backup [...]

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VMware: ESXi 5.5 Upgrade to 6 – Invalid argument when creating vfat file system

Today when we try to upgrade one of our ESXi host we had a strange error. There was an issue with one of the partitions and somehow the ESXi install was not able to reformat the partition for the upgrade. Maybe because a previous wrong configuration on the partitions. VMware KB says: "The upgrade attempts [...]

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VMware; vCenter 6.0 – Quick stats on hostname is not up-to-date

Today we have encounter some issues on our upgraded ESXi 6.0 hosts. Some of our hosts were with the error "Quick stats on hostname is not up-to-date". An example: This is know issue in 5.0 and 5.5, that is fix in the updates, but in vCenter 6.0. The workaround to fix this issue is to [...]

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VMware: vCenter: How to Upgrade Windows vCenter 5.0 to vCenter 6.x

We had a vCenter 5.0(Windows 2008 R2) that need to upgraded to 6.0, hosts included. This was a small vCenter and since there was no point of creating a new vCenter 6.0 from scratch, we decided to upgrade directly from v5.0 to v6.0. Since we had a SQL Express in this vCenter, the upgrade will [...]

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Leap second 2015 Issue/bug – Are you ready?

In the next 30th of June time a leap second is a second which is added to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in order to synchronize atomic clocks with astronomical time to within 0.9 seconds. - The last leap second update happened on June 30th 2012 @ 23:59:60 UTC. - The next leap second update is [...]

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vCenter 5.x/6.x: How to reset administrator@vsphere.local account password

There is a couple of reasons why we can lose our SSO administrator password. We can forget the password, but also after an update from vCenter from 5.1 to 5.5, we cannot change the password in vSphere Web Client(is grayed out). If happened, we need to reset the password SSO administrator@vsphere.local. You can reset the [...]

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NetApp: ESXi – How to identify NetApp iSCSI LUN by serial number

How to identify NetApp iSCSI LUN serial number in a ESXi host. In NetApp side iSCSI LUNs can be identified by Serial number, or LUN path, or even LUN id. But the same LUNs in ESXi can have the same LUN id, but you can have LUNs with the same LUN id from different systems. [...]

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VMware: How to delete and detach iSCSI volumes manually in a ESXi Shell

In this article, we will look hHow to delete and detach iSCSI volumes manually in a ESXi Shell. This article will focus on how to on ESXi Shell only. We had some issues with some hosts before. Because of wrong deleted or detaching iSCSI volumes and not a good cleaning. Note: Before we start, some [...]

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