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Warning: VMware Express Patch 6 (build 3825889) can deliver CBT Bug again.

Unfortunately VMware did it again with ESXi 6.0. Another bug regarding CBT in ESXi 6.0 and this a second in 6 months. In my opinion this have a big impact in VMware image. For the last year, year and a half, not many people are happy with VMware. Even some are thinking to move from [...]

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How to create and use VMs TAGs in Veeam Backup Jobs – TAGs Part 2

In the last article we focus in how to VMware: How to create and use VMs TAGs – Part 1 so before following this article and perform the next tasks, you should read the first article how to create the TAG before using them in Veeam Backup Jobs. As we seen in the previous article, [...]

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VMware: How to create and use VMs TAGs – Part 1

Today we will explain how to use the VMware feature TAGs in the VMs and create Veeam Backup Jobs using TAGs. Since this article is too long, I will create the second article for this Veeam tasks. In this article, we will focus on creating and using TAGs (and category TAGs), in a second article [...]

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ESXi host issue: VMs doesn’t start, Insufficient Resources

We had an ESXi host with an issue when powering any VM.  When users click the start button, always have an error "Insufficient Resources." Was a strange error, since we know that this ESXi host has enough resources to run more VMs. So we need to troubleshoot the issue and check what is triggering this [...]

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vExpert 2016 Second Half Applications are Now Open

Applications for second half vExpert 2016 are open until 1st of July. The vExpert announcement will be in 19th of August. This is the last opportunity for VMware experts to apply to vExpert 2015 program. What is the vExpert program? Each year, VMware bring together in the vExpert Program the people who have made some [...]

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Critical issue: Windows Update KB312557 affect VMware VMXNET3 NICs

There an issue with a Windows update(for now only reported in Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7) with VMware vmxnet 3 NICs, and possible E100e(Intel Pro/1000). Windows Update is convenience rollup update KB312557. What it does is that replaces the vmxnet3 nic Adapter with vmxnet 3 nic Adapter #2 and removes all IP Address information(if [...]

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