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Runecast Analyzer launched v1.8 with VMware’s NSX-V support

After just a couple of weeks with their new version 1.7.5 with the support for vSAN, Runecast Analyzer launched v1.8 with VMware NSX support. The new Runecast Analyzer version support on VMware’s NSX-V is finally available. After a beta version launched a couple of weeks ago, now the final version is available to Runecast Analyzer [...]

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Veeam launched Veeam Availability Console Update 1

Veeam launched today the new Update 1 for their product Veeam Availability Console. The new update has new features and many improvements to Veeam Availability Console. What is Veeam Availability Console: Veeam Availability Console is a cloud-enabled platform for centralized management and monitoring of data protection operations and services. The solution is intended for physical [...]

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Vembu added vSphere 6.7 support with its latest update

Vembu added vSphere 6.7 support with its latest update 1 launched a couple of days ago. Last week we presented in this blog the new Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.1 version with a new Standard Edition version. One of the most significant changes in this new Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.1 version is that now Vembu BDR [...]

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How to update your Runecast Analyzer

How to update Runecast Analyzer? Updating Runecast Analyzer is a very straightforward task. The process is very similar when upgrading VMware vCenter Appliance (vCSA). Runecast Analyzer has another new version as we have published earlier. To update to the latest version, I will explain the process and how to upgrade. In this blog post, we [...]

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Runecast launch version 1.7.5 version

Runecast launch version 1.7.5 version for their Runecast Analyzer product. This new version 1.7.5 of Runecast Analyzer now supports vSphere 6.7. In this blog, we have already had a review of this product: Runecast Analyzer Review What is new? The most notable changes and new functionality in the latest versions of Runecast Analyzer: 1. vSphere 6.7 [...]

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