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Luciano Patrão ( vExpert )
Luciano Patrão ( vExpert )Founder
ProVirtualZone is personal blog about Virtual Infrastructures maintained by vExpert Luciano Patrão.

I am over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. Working with Virtualization for more than 10 years (mainly VMware). I am an MCP, VCP6.5-DCV, VMware vSAN Specialist, Veeam Vanguard, vExpert vSAN 2018 and vExpert for the last 5 years. Specialties are Virtualization, Storage, and Virtual Backups.

I am working for Elits a Swedish consulting company and allocated to a Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company as a Teach Lead and acting as a Senior ICT Infrastructure Engineer.

The primary focus of this blog is on VMware and Hyper-V products, solutions and services with the associated Storage and Virtual Backup solutions. The purpose of these write-ups is to review, provide break fix information and also design ‘How To’ guides for implementing various virtualization solutions.