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Luciano Patrão ( vExpert )
Luciano Patrão ( vExpert )Founder
Welcome to Provirtualzone, a blog dedicated to exploring the captivating realm of Virtual Infrastructures. My name is Luciano Patrão, and I’ve been immersed in the world of technology for more than twenty years. With a hands-on experience of fifteen years primarily focused on VMware virtualization, I believe I have acquired knowledge in this field.

I recently obtained certifications, including VCP DCV 2022 VCAP DCV Design 2023, and VCP Cloud 2023. Additionally, I have been honored as a VMware vExpert for eight years. A Veeam Vanguard for the last six.

During my work hours at ITQ—a VMware partner—I serve as a Consultant with expertise in cloud solutions, storage management, and data backup. While my job title may sound impressive as a Solutions Architect, my genuine passion lies in unraveling puzzles and troubleshooting.

Now, let us talk about what you can anticipate from this blog. It revolves around virtualization, mainly VMware, Multi-Cloud, Security, and backups. I try to cover everything in between. Whether you seek troubleshooting advice or comprehensive step-by-step guidance on implementing your virtual systems, you’ve come to the perfect destination.

Thank you for visiting our blog; enjoy your enriching reading experience!



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