/ProVirtualzone Blog statistics 2017

ProVirtualzone Blog statistics 2017

The 2017 year is finished and now is time to check some statistics. No only from visitors or views, but also my blog post numbers.

Note: Unfortunately I only have set the WP statistics in this new blog after 25th of My 2017. So all the numbers are from that date, and not beginning of the year.

Visitors and Views.

Provirtualzone blog reached almost 90,000 unique visitors and more than 220,000 views.

When I move from my old blogpost to this more professional blog, I never thought I would get these type of numbers in less than a year (8 months to be exact).

10 Most Popular post.

1 – ESXi host issue: VMs doesn’t start, Insufficient ResourcesVisits: 7,322

2 – PSOD after apply ESXi 6.5 Update 1 Rollup on HP DLsVisits: 4,869

3 – vCenter 5.x/6.x: How to reset administrator@vsphere.local account passwordVisits: 4,675

4 – VMware: How to upgrade ESXi 5.x to ESXi 6.xVisits: 4,345

5 – vCenter 6.0 vMotion Issue – PBM error occurred during PreMigrate- CheckCallbackVisits: 4,111

6 – VMware: How to create and use VMs TAGs – Part 1  – Visits: 3,740

7 – ESXi 6.0 fix corrupted host imageprofileVisits: 3,369

8 – How to move your VMs from a dead ESXi hostVisits: 3,269

9 – VMware announced Windows vCenter and vSphere Web Client EOLVisits: 2,214

10 – ESXi 6.0 reports “error code: 15” during Remediate update in VUM operationVisits: 2,183

Looking at the number above we notice that the 10 most popular posts represent around 20% of the blog traffic. Also, we notice that VMware fix issues and troubleshooting are the subjects that users are more interested when searching for VMware blog posts.

Most Popular Categories

1 – Virtualization
2 – Storage
3 – vSAN
4 – Backup

In this section there are curiosities, I only have two posts regarding vSAN and still is the number 3rd category most visit. It shows that vSAN is a subject that has a lot of interest in the Virtualization area. This year I will try to trough this category with more posts.


In the year 2017, I wrote 43 blog posts. This is 3,5 posts a month, where 15 of those are news or announcements. So is around 2,3 technical articles a month. Blogging takes a lot of hours and writing good technical blog articles (not only writing but also researching, testing, etc.) and with a full-time job, family and friends, the media numbers of the blog posts. But I think it could be better. I had a lot of articles in my 2017 list that I didn’t write (particularly regarding Virtual Backups and vSAN).

Will try to write some of those articles in 2018. Has always time is not a good friend of a non-professional blogger.

Also, 2017 was the first time this blog did enter the voting list of Best Virtualization Blog where I reach #152 and even for the best favorite 2016 blog #15 in 273 blogs that were voted. I am very proud of this result since was the first year and first time.

Will finish thanks to all my visitors and also some of my peers that help me during last year directly, or indirectly, supporting writing some of the articles or testing/troubleshooting and for the growth of this blog. Thank you all.

Wish you all a great Year 2018, to you and your families.

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