20 10, 2020

Altaro – SysAdmin Horror Stories – FREE eBook

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Altaro launch a second book about SysAdmin stories that make any sysamin shiver. Download and read the Altaro - SysAdmin Horror Stories – FREE eBook. Last year’s ebook, SysAdmin Horror Stories Vol1 by Altaro, highlighted some of SysAdmins’ funniest and most horrifying stories. It proved so successful, that Altaro decided to produce a second edition [...]

13 09, 2020

Backup Best Practices in Action – The Backup Bible Part 2

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Altaro launched the second part of their Backup Bible book Backup Best Practices in Action – The Backup Bible Part 2. The Backup Bible is an ambitious project produced by Altaro and written by Microsoft MVP Eric Siron that aims to be the definite guide to backup and disaster recovery for companies of all sizes. [...]

17 06, 2020

How Backup & Restore your Office 365 with Altaro

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In this series of Office 365 backup, today, I will talk about How Backup & Restore your Office 365 with Altaro. This is my first blog post about Altaro products. With Altaro Office 365 backup, we can backup and recovery services for Office 365 mailboxes and files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint through a multi-tenant [...]

9 06, 2020

New ProVirtualzone Blog Partner: Altaro

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It is with great pleasure that I welcome my new ProVirtualzone Blog Partner: Altaro. As a Partner and sponsor in the Blog, we will work together in the next months providing reviews and testing their products. Altaro was founded in 2009, the company has grown rapidly over the years and continues to do so. The [...]