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Announcing My Latest Book: ‘VMware vSphere Essentials’ – A Complete Guide to vSphere

After a fulfilling journey in the IT and virtualization field, which has presented numerous opportunities to share my knowledge through writing, I have always chosen to wait for the right moment to write a book. That moment has finally arrived. This book reflects my experiences and is a guide to understanding the intricate world of [...]

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Insights on Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2024

Continuing our series on security reports, we revisit a vital topic that resonates throughout the corporate world: safeguarding data. This time, in this blog post, "Insights on Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2024," we focus on the Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2024, based on input from 1,200 IT leaders and implementers. These findings build [...]

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VMware Explore: My Session about VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

Being a part of VMware Explore and presenting my session the past week was a fantastic experience. It was a milestone for me, mainly because it was my first time doing a session independently. I'm really excited to share some insights about my session in this blog post. I am grateful for the opportunity to [...]

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Unlocking Cybersecurity Success: Your Free Ebook and the Power of Awareness Training

In today's interconnected society, where there is a threat of data breaches and cyberattacks, CEOs and organizations need to understand the importance of Cybersecurity Awareness Training. This blog post, Unlocking Cybersecurity Success: Your Free Ebook and the Power of Awareness Training, aims to shed light on why it's crucial to comprehend and implement training as [...]

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What is VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery(VCDR)

In this What is VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery(VCDR) blog post, we will discuss what VCDR is and how it works. This SaaS solution offers optimized costs, accelerated ransomware recovery, and even allows for a 30-minute RPO (recovery point objective) so that you can get back to business quickly. In this blog post, we'll dive into [...]

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Hornetsecurity: The Importance of IT Compliance in Modern Business

IT compliance is a critical aspect of modern business as it refers to the adherence to policies, regulations, and government laws protecting IT systems and processes. IT compliance ensures businesses and organizations operate under strict security requirements, guidelines, and industry best practices for data protection and governance. IT business leaders, CIOs/CTOs/CISOs, MSPs, system administrators, and [...]

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How to fix vSAN unmounted disks

In this How to fix vSAN unmounted disks, I will talk about the vSAN mount and unmount disks and how to fix and rebuild the vSAN without losing any data. One vSAN lab had an issue with some of the vSAN Disks this week, with many objects with warnings and some disks in an unhealthy [...]

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What is VMware HCX, and how does it work

In this What is VMware HCX, and how does it work, I will provide some simple explanations about HCX, the type of migrations scenarios, and how HCX can help with workloads migrations. VMware HCX (formerly known as Hybrid Cloud Extension and NSX Hybrid Connect) is a massively scalable hypervisor-based supercomputing platform, delivered as an on-demand [...]

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How to change DNS in VMware SDDC Manager with API

Today I need to change my DNS settings in my homelab, so I need to change the DNS in most of my implementations and on my VCF. In this How to change DNS in VMware SDDC Manager with API, I will explain how to do this quickly with API that will change the DNS in [...]

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HCX – How to create Service Mesh and connect sites

Today I return to my HCX Series to try to complete HCX Series in the following weeks. In this third HCX – How to create Service Mesh and connect sites about HCX Series blog post, I will discuss how to create the HCX Service Mesh and connect sites. In the previous HCX blog post, HCX [...]

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