/Cloud Director upgrade 10.4 NSX names matching IP error

Cloud Director upgrade 10.4 NSX names matching IP error

In the last few days, I have been upgrading some of vCloud Director 9.7 and 10.2 to 10.4.x and found some problems with IP and hostname certificates. We discuss a similar error in this Cloud Director upgrade 10.4 NSX names matching IP error.

I have discussed similar vCD errors before here, like this one HERE. When installing the new Cloud Director 10.3, you can get certificate issues when using IP addresses and not hostnames to connect to your vCenter or NSX-V or NSX-T.

This problem happened when I upgraded to the latest Cloud Director, and then two Cloud Directors could not import certificates from an NSX-V and another NSX-T.

After upgrading a Cloud Director, we need to download/import all certificates again into the Cloud Director using the following command: cell-management-tool trust-infra-certs –vsphere –unattended.

Cloud Director upgrade 10.4 NSX names matching IP error

As we can see in the image, the NSX-V with IP was unable to import, and Cloud Director could not trust NSX-V.

So next is to check in Cloud Director the connection to the vCenter and the NSX-V.

Login to Cloud Director and refresh and test the connections for NSX-V.

Login to the VCD UI, go to Resources -> Infrastructure Resources -> vCenter Servers and manually edit each vCenter Server and Save it again.

Cloud Director upgrade 10.4 NSX names matching IP error

I try connecting or refreshing the vCenter connection I get:

Cloud Director upgrade 10.4 NSX names matching IP error

When I reconnect or refresh the NSX-V connection, I get:

Cloud Director upgrade 10.4 NSX names matching IP error

I suspected this was a similar issue that we had some months ago when we installed Cloud Director 10.3. So to fix the problem, connect instead of the IP address I used for vCenter and NSX-V the FQND, and then try to reconnect.

After this change, the connection was ok.

The next step is to try to download/import the certificates again.

As we can see above, NSX-V was imported and trusted, but I still have an issue with the vCenter certificate. For that, we need to use the previous solution I wrote in the other article(added above).

After all these changes, vCenter and NSX-V were connected, and all was green.

As I said in the beginning, I had the same issue with another Cloud Director: I upgraded to 10.4 but with an NSX-T. The way to fix it is the same.

I hope this blog post Cloud Director upgrade 10.4 NSX names matching IP errors, helps you bypass these errors with NSX/V certificates when you upgrade your Cloud Director infrastructure to v10.4.

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  1. HIchu 06/11/2022 at 23:04

    Hello there, came across your post which is very nice and have useful information. Thanks for it. I have a setup where I am trying to configure infrastructure resources for the vcloud director 10.3.3 and getting the below error.

    [ c590cf57-ab52-48d8-985b-519139a04bc4 ] Failed to connect to the NSX Manager – I/O error on GET request for “https://vcloud-xx.com:443/api/2.0/services/vcconfig”: vcloud-xx.com; nested exception is java.net.UnknownHostException: vcloud-xx.com – vcloud-xx.com
    Note: I have configured NSX-V manager in my environment not NSX-T as you given above.

    Environment info:
    Environment details:

    VCD – 10.3.3

    vCenter – 7.0U3c

    NSX – 6.4.11

    Do you have any suggestion here?

    • Luciano Patrao 11/11/2022 at 14:16


      Sorry my late reply was in the VMware Explore this week.

      This is a very generic message. Some questions:
      Is this a new implementation? An upgrade?
      have you downloaded the certificates in your vCD?
      Is your DNS in vCD working properly?
      Are adding it as an FQDN or IP? If is by name, did you try only the IP?

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