/Create vCenter Alarm for Duplicated IP

Create vCenter Alarm for Duplicated IP

Because of failed vMotion migration with duplicated IP, explained in a previous blog post, I needed to create vCenter Alarm for Duplicated IP so that I know when there is a duplicated IP in the VMware Infrastructure.

To create a vCenter alarm for all your hosts, you need to do it at the vCenter level.

Right-click in vCenter level and select Alarms and New Alarm Definition.

Create vCenter Alarm for Duplicated IP

Next, give it a name and description for a Target type select Hosts and click Next.

Create vCenter Alarm for Duplicated IP

In the next step select the IF argument for the alarm, for our case select Duplicated IP select (1), then choose the type of alarm, for this case, is Show as Critical (2). The last option is to set notifications; for this example, it is set vCenter to send emails every time there is a duplicate IP in the vCenter.

Create vCenter Alarm for Duplicated IP

The next step is to set the rule to green if you want. Like set the warning in the vCenter o Reset to Green when the email was sent, or problem fix. I did not use this option and jump to the next step.

Create vCenter Alarm for Duplicated IP

In this final step double-check, your option selected above and then set the minutes you want to send the email alarm. Since this is a critical issue, I set to send every 15 minutes.

With the last step, you have your alarm created.

I hope this post will help you create an alarm when you have a duplicated IP in your vCenter.

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