/How to update Veeam Proxy manually

How to update Veeam Proxy manually

In this blog post, we will explain how to update Veeam Proxy manually when it is not possible to update automatically.

When Veeam launches a new version or a patch, we need to update our Veeam infrastructure. That means all Veeam Servers and also Proxies Veeam components. This is an automatic process; however, sometimes, Veeam Server cannot update some Proxies automatically. It could be that the Proxy is located in a Cloud environment, in a DMZ area, etc., and is not reachable for the automatic updates (even is reachable for backups). There is why we need to understand how to update Veeam Proxy manually.

After we update Veeam Server the first time we launch Veeam Backup & Replication Console, a window will pop up and show us all the Proxies that Veeam will upgrade their components.


However, if we click cancel and choose not to update automatically and continue to use Veeam Server, we can do the update later on.

As we can see in the next image if you go to Backup Infrastructure tab in the Backup Proxies Option and Out of Date we can see the list of Proxies in our infrastructure that needs to be updated. Right mouse click, and you have the option to upgrade automatically.

In this case, we have two Veeam Proxy that needs to be updated, and it is not possible to update remotely.

However, in the two examples above is where we can get some issues to update the Proxy components in some unique proxies that we have in our environment; we get an error.

Veeam will start to install and upgrade the Veeam Proxy components.


Then you will see the next error.

“Failed to upgrade host components. The network path was not found…. (ERROR_BAD_NETPATH).” 

Meaning, Veeam was not able to connect to admin shares ADMIN$ (\\hostname\admin$) on the Guest OS Proxy.

Even we have a connection between both (Veeam Server and Proxy) is not possible to upgrade the components.

How to update Veeam Proxy manually

The above error happens for the first and second example since Veeam Server cannot contact Veeam Proxy to perform this type of update (firewall rules, different networks VLANs, etc.).

Then is where we need to install and update these components manually in the Proxy directly.

How to update?

You need to identify which services the Proxy is using.

First, check which Veeam Services is installed in the Proxy by checking Windows Services.

How to update Veeam Proxy manually

In the Proxy mount your ISO Veeam Backup & Replication file and in the Packages folder, copy the components that you need. For our case, we need the Installer, Mount and Transport.

How to update Veeam Proxy manually

Note: Since Veeam needs Microsoft.NET copy, also the Microsoft files to check if your Microsoft.NET needs to be also updated.

After copy the packages to Veeam Proxy and locally install all components in the Veeam Proxy.

How to update Veeam Proxy manually

It could be that you need to remove the previous version before installing the new version.

Finally, launch the Microsfot.NET to check if needs also to be upgraded, in this case, was not needed since it was up to date.

After, we have our Veeam Proxy updated and warnings free in the Veeam Server backup proxies section.

How to update Veeam Proxy manually

Hope this blog post can help you bypass this issue with remote Veeam Proxies.

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