/HPE G7 iLO Remote Console doesn’t launch

HPE G7 iLO Remote Console doesn’t launch

Usually, this is not the type of blog post I write in my blog. But I am so annoyed with this issue and was so difficult to find a solution for it that I decided to write this HPE G7 iLO Remote Console doesn’t launch blog post.

When using HPE G7 and sometimes G8 and mainly using iLO 3.0, we can have many issues to launch the Remote Console in Windows. First is not anymore compatible with IE or Edge, or Java is blocked, and we get a lot of problems to put this to work.

Note: These issues only happen when using old iLO, like 3.0.

When trying to launch Remote Console I get this.

So we need to make some changes in our Windows to allow the iLO to be launched.

Before we get to the issue fix, always update your Java Configuration to be able to allow your HPE iLO and Add the iLO IP to the Java Security.

Launch Java Configure.

To fix the HPE iLO Remote Console, change the Windows registry.

Open and change Regedit.

Open your Regedit and go to: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\.NETFramework\Security\TrustManager\PromptingLevel

Check if all entries are Disabled. If yes, then change the following entries to Enabled: Internet, LocalIntranet, MyComputer, TrustedSites. For security reasons do not change UnTrustedSites. Leave Disabled.

In my case, all were Disabled, so I need to change to Enabled.

Note: If you do not have the PrompringLevlel folder or the entries in it, create them.

After changing the registry run again, the Remote Console and all worked.

That is it. Is done and working.

I hope this tip helps you guys to fix this annoying issue since I was not able to find any information regarding iLO, but only for generic Windows apps.

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