/Iperius Backup v6.5.1 released

Iperius Backup v6.5.1 released

Iperius Backup v6.5.1 released for its primary backup product. This new release was launched on 27/01/2020.

I wrote last month a full Iperius Backup review for this product.

The new version comes out in the Iperius strategy to update their Backup product to a more efficient product and user needs for a Backup tool. Particularly for Virtual Environments.

New features in this new Iperius Backup v6.5.1 release are:

  • New Iperius Storage, now also S3: new cloud storage service that allows you to save your data via the S3 protocol on Tier III and Tier IV datacenters.
    • Every backup company is setting its backup product to start to use more and more Cloud Storage, and Cloud environments and Iperius have made some improvements on that feature using S3 protocol on Tier III and Tier IV datacenters. With full and incremental backups (included differential backups), using this new features user now has the possibility to copy their backup to any Amazon S3 compatible storage.
  • VMware ESXi: INCREMENTAL REPLICATION of virtual machines from host to host (without needing vCenter). Also for ESXi Free edition.
    • This is an excellent feature for small environments or home-labs where it is possible to replicate between ESXi free editions. Don’t know any other backup tool that provides this feature for ESXi free edition. In the next image, we can see how to replicate from ESXi to ESXi without the need for a vCenter and use an ESXi free edition.

Iperius Backup v6.5.1 released

Note: To use this feature, CBT needs to be enabled in source VMS. If CBT is disabled, the replication still works, but the replication is always as a full backup.

  • Iperius Console: now Push notifications are even more powerful: it is, in fact, possible for each user to enable their push notifications independently
  • Iperius Console: now you can consult the history of Push notifications

Main features for Iperius Backup v6.5.1.

  • Hot backup of ESXi, ESXi Free, vCenter
  • Hot backup of Hyper-V, also from a different machine
  • VM Replication from host to host and from datastore to datastore
  • Compatible with vSphere ESXi Cluster
  • Incremental and differential ESXi backup (CBT/VDDK)
  • Backup to disk, network, Cloud, NAS, and LTO Tape
  • Restore of ESXi and Hyper-V virtual machines also to different hosts
  • Restore of individual files
  • Totally agentless – Backup from the network
  • A single, perpetual license can back up unlimited Hosts and VMs (no Per-Socket/VM/Host limit)

Iperius also support full backups in the following products:

  • Databases: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.
  • Email Servers: Microsoft Exchange 2010 (SP1), 2013, 2016
  • Email Online: Exchange Online (Office 365)

Fixed bugs in this new version.

  • Amazon S3: fixed a problem in creating buckets in the EU-Paris region
  • Some minor bugs fixed

Check HERE to know all the news features and fix for this and other versions.

The upgrade process is straightforward, download the new version from HERE, run the file, and the Iperius Backup will automatically upgrade to the latest version.

Iperius Backup v6.5.1 released

As I stated in my previous review about this product, Iperius Backup is a very affordable solution for home labs and small or medium businesses. A simple tool that does its job reasonable and with one perpetual license only for the full product and features. No core licenses are used in Iperius Backup.

Full information about Iperius Backup and other products that Iperius company provides can be checked in HERE on the company site.

The company also has other products:

Iperius Remote: remote desktop software that can be a good alternative to Teamviewer (www.iperiusremote.com).
Iperius Console: an IT console to manage backups and endpoints in a centralized way (www.iperiusconsole.com).
Iperius Storage: a professional cloud storage service (www.iperiusstorage.com)

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