/NSX-T upgrade – disk space requirement not met

NSX-T upgrade – disk space requirement not met

Today, when upgrading one of our NSX-T, I encounter an error. I saw it for the first time when NSX-T did a pre-check on the ESXi hosts to the new version I got the error “Disk space requirements not met. Please ensure 180MB free space is available in tmp partition to proceed with upgrade”. NSX-T error is referring to the ESXi hosts tmp partition.

NSX-T upgrade - disk space requirement not met

In this NSX-T upgrade – disk space requirement not met blog post, I will explain how to fix this issue.

The first strange thing is that in a Cluster with 7 ESXi hosts, only those 4 were with the issue, and I know that the other 3 were rebooted before I start this NSX-T upgrade. So those ESXi hosts were my first check to start to compare.

Checking the first ESXi host with the error, I see that it only has 101Mb available when it needs a minimum 180Mb for this upgrade.

Running command vdf -h, this is what I get:

NSX-T upgrade - disk space requirement not met

Checking also what files are inside the /tmp partition and using du -h command to check how much each file/folder was used.

NSX-T upgrade - disk space requirement not met

As we can above, there are some temporary files from NSX that are a bit big.

Next, I check and compare with one of the ESXi hosts that I rebooted earlier and doesnt show in the error list.

NSX-T upgrade - disk space requirement not met

As we can see above, there is 241Mb available space in /tmp partition, and log files from NSX are relatively small.

I could delete those temporary files in the faulty ESXi hosts and continue, but these are NSX temporary files, so I am pretty sure that they are needed while the ESXi host and NSX are running. So to test my theory, I rebooted one ESXi host and reran the Upgrade Pre Checks.

And that ESXi hosts were gone, and there were only 3 with the same issue.

NSX-T upgrade - disk space requirement not met

Since this is a vSAN Cluster and can only afford one host failure, I needed to reboot one at a time to clean the tmp partition and continue with the upgrade.

After all ESXi hosts were rebooted, I rerun the Pre Checks again, and all was clean no more ESXi hosts with errors.

Continued with the upgrade to NSX-T 3.1.2, and no more errors were found in this upgrade until the end.

I hope this simple tip in this NSX-T upgrade – disk space requirement not met blog post will help you to fix this error and continue with your NSX-T upgrade.

If you need help with how to upgrade your NSX-T, please check my other article, How to upgrade NSX-T 2.4.x or 2.5.x to NSX-T 3.0

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