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Runecast is an infrastructure intelligence solution that exposes latent issues within your environment preventing business impact. It also continually crosschecks latest accredited best practices with your environment, keeping it in the most optimal condition.

Runecast brings issue-prevention solutions to every business. These solutions minimize the impact complex systems can have by giving client the power to prevent issues others had experienced.

Runecast was founded back in 2014 and all founders previously worked in IBM VMware Center of Excellence and are highly VMware certified in the industry – Stan Markov, CEO and co-founder, is VCDX #74.

Why Runecast Analyzer?

Runecast Analyzer can help companies to meet their main goals: revenue growth, cost saving or risk mitigation. Deploying Runecast and mitigating its findings will improve service uptime and reduce the outage or security breach risk. Runecast provides proactive fault avoidance to minimize the risk of virtualized data center downtime and security breaches.

The Analyzer is an utomated system that correlates VMware vSphere configurations and logs with the official VMware repository of known issues, best practices and security auditing rules. Runecast Analyzer protects your business 24/7 with the knowledge of VMware certified experts for a fraction of the expert cost.

Save Time – IT staff will not have to read knowledge base articles and check if your environment is affected or not. No time will be wasted in tedious security health checks. Runecast Analyzer utomates this whole process and gives you more time to innovate.

Minimize Outages – Runecast is using the current VMware Knowledge Base articles, Security Hardening Guide and industry Best Practices to scan your configuration and logs and discover any potential issues before they cause an outage.

Improve Visibility – by placing Runecast in your vSphere environment you guarantee that even the smallest deviations from the Best Practices are revealed. Runecast Analyzer acts like a syslog server, collects your virtual infrastructure logs and discovers potential issues that link back to Knowledge Base articles. It will also give you additional visibility in important log activity through verbose log charts.

Increase Security – scan your vSphere infrastructure for security compliance based on the official vSphere Security Hardening Guide. You can create Filters specific to your security technical specifications and ensure you are continuously compliant.

Minimize Risk – Runecast provides weekly or even daily updates on the Knowledge Base, Best Practice and Security Hardening checks. Minimize the risk for missing an important vulnerability or known issue or a best practice that applies to your environment.

Reduce Cost – prevent outages by eliminating the problematic configurations, save time from troubleshooting and security hardening, avoid Security Audit penalties, make your infrastructure rock solid by leveraging the expertise of the team behind Runecast.

Extensive Expertise – the team behind Runecast Analyzer is comprised of industry veterans and highly certified virtualization experts (VCDX, VCAP, vExpert, VCI). Their vast knowledge is the bond that ties all trusted knowledge sources to form a powerful analyzes engine used in Runecast Analyzer.

The team is available to you to interpret your specific Runecast Analyzer results and offer further recommendations and consultation as part of the solution.

Watch and test Runecast Analyzer in a live demo HERE

All this information, and more detail information, can be review in Runecast site: https://www.runecast.biz/

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