/Runecast launch version 1.7.5 version

Runecast launch version 1.7.5 version

Runecast launch version 1.7.5 version for their Runecast Analyzer product. This new version 1.7.5 of Runecast Analyzer now supports vSphere 6.7.

In this blog, we have already had a review of this product: Runecast Analyzer Review

What is new?

The most notable changes and new functionality in the latest versions of Runecast Analyzer:

1. vSphere 6.7 support ((Runecast Analyzer Release v1.7.5).

  • The release brings full support of the automated knowledge base and best practice checks for the recently released vSphere 6.7.
  • Applying filter to parents will now auto-select child objects as well.
  • Enhanced security for SSL Server Authentication.
  • Applying “Ignore” button on Inventory view will auto-select the related object.

Even not many VMware costumers are using already vSphere 6.7, Runecast is already supporting.  By adding support to vSphere 6.7 and adding some improvements in Runecast Analyzer is providing VMware knowledge base articles and best practices also to the new vSphere version. Runecast will make best practices recommendations and show to the customer if the configuration is compliant or not with VMware Best Practices.

2. Knowledge Definition” updates (Runecast Analyzer Release v1.7.1).

  • A slick mechanism is enabling rapid updates for all new/updated vSphere and vSAN knowledge).

3. The new product covered: VMware vSAN ((Runecast Analyzer Release v1.7).

  • Scans vSAN clusters and tests their configurations against a large database of VMware Knowledge Base and Best Practice rules.
  • Not only monitoring performance but also keeping the vSAN configuration in optimal condition and preventing future failures or outages.

4. New VMware stack visualization of risks and issues ((Runecast Analyzer Release v1.7.).

  • New visual component helps admins to very quickly prioritize which problems to solve first and where.

5. vSphere web plugin integration improvements (HTML5 and FLEX) ((Runecast Analyzer Release v1.7.).

  • vSphere’s web client (both HTML5 or FLEX) to monitor and manage vCenters.
  • New Plugin displays all issues detected by Runecast Analyzer with all details about their root causes, as well as effective steps for resolving them.

NEW: Runecast launched a Runecast Analyzer beta version.

Runecast announced yesterday a Runecast Analyzer beta version for VMware NSX-V product.  You can get and register for beta testing HERE.
Note: We will return to this new Beta version with a review.

VMware NSX-V Product support (BETA version only) ((Runecast Analyzer Release v1.7.x BETA).

  • Support for the proactive issue detection on VMware NSX-V managers (versions 6.2 to 6.4.1)
  • The NSX-V best practice analysis and reporting
  • The NSX-V VMware Security hardening analysis and reporting
  • The NSX-V DISA-STIG analysis and reporting
  • Partial NSX-V proactive configuration issues analysis (but we will bring more very soon).
  • Automatic discovery of NSX managers on vCenters

Runecast running on a VMware NSX-V was something that I had predicted before in my last analyze of this product. It makes sense since this is a monitor and analysis tool. Proactively use VMware KBs, best practices, and security hardening guidelines to protect. In this case VMware NSX-V. Runecast should also extend their support to other areas and Hypervisor.

Runecast is focusing now in VMware but shortly should extend their support to Hyper-V. Not only because Hyper-V market share is growing and more customers are using, but also Hyper-V is getting more Enterprise and a more viable Hypervisor.

Runecast now supports Virtualization (vCenter, vSphere), HCI (vSAN) and in beta for Virtual Networks (NSX-V). But can extend their portfolio support to Cloud environments in the future.

Runecast Webinar and events.


Register HERE for a webinar “How to automatically fix VMware configuration issues” with Ivaylo Ivanov and to find out how to automatically detect and fix configuration issues with using and plugin VMware


Attend one of the webinar or events from Runecast, to know more about Runecast Analyzer and its features.

These are the latest news and updates from Runecast.

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