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Enhancing Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance with 365 Permission Manager

In the era of technology overseeing permissions, Microsoft 365 demands attention and a thoughtful strategy to protect confidential data efficiently. Maintaining security and regulation adherence is crucial as digital landscapes become more intricate. Hornetsecurity’s 365 Permission Manager tackles these obstacles directly by providing a solution that boosts security and compliance throughout your company. This software [...]

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Veeam Data Platform 23H2 A Deep Dive into the Latest Features

This will be my third blog post in the last few days, and finally, I have some time to publish several blog posts I have in draft. In this blog post, Veeam Data Platform 23H2 A Deep Dive into the Latest Features, I will discuss the new Veeam Backup & Replication v12.1 version launched last [...]

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Vembu BDRSuite v7.0.0 Release is Available Now

In this blog post, Vembu BDRSuite v7.0.0 Release is Available Now, we will discuss how protecting data has become a priority for businesses of all sizes. Recognizing this need, Vembu has taken a step forward by introducing BDRSuite v7.0.0 Release Candidate. This latest version represents a milestone in backup and disaster recovery solutions, providing comprehensive [...]

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How Runecast uses DORA compliance with VMware

It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to review Runecast, a remarkable tool in the IT industry. In this blog post, we're revisiting Runecast to see how it has evolved and how it continues to play a crucial role in helping organizations, particularly in the finance sector, stay compliant with regulations like DORA [...]

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