Delete Veeam ghost backup snapshots with PowerCLI

Sometimes when a Veeam Backup doesn't finish properly the snapshot that was created by Veeam is not deleted. There is a lot of reasons for a Backup does not end properly and the snapshot not removed. Most of them is a timeout between Veeam Backup Server and the vCenter/Storage. In this blog post, we will [...]

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PowerCli: Create Script file to PoweredOn/PoweredOff all VMs

This week we need to PoweredOff all our VMs in our VMware Infrastructure, because of a Network Maintenance. The problem Powering off 2000 VMs is the Powering ON them back an. You need to track which ones were PoweredOn when you need to PowerOn them again, and with big Infrastructures, this can be tricky. So [...]

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PowerCLI: VMware List VM’s per Datastore vs CanonicalName.

This week I need to create a script to list all VMs. This particular script display all VMs that are inside in some particularly iSCSI LUNs. Since VMware environment could have iSCSI, NFS and also Local Disks, so we need to search by CanonicalName. In this case iSCSI LUN CanonicalName. Some examples of CanonicalName that we [...]

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