21 06, 2020

Change ESXi host to use ESXi Side-Channel-Aware Scheduler v2 (SCAv2)

By | 2020-06-21T04:19:38+02:00 June 21st, 2020|VMware|0 Comments

Picking up another blog post that I had in my drafts waiting to be finished, and I never did. In this Change ESXi host to use ESXi Side-Channel-Aware Scheduler v2 (SCAv2), I will explain how to change your VMware infrastructure to use SCAV2 instead of SCAv1. A quick explanation about ESXi Side-Channel-Aware Scheduler v2 (SCAv2) [...]

31 08, 2018

How Runecast can help you with L1TF vulnerability

By | 2018-08-31T15:15:16+02:00 August 31st, 2018|Partners, VMware|1 Comment

In this blog post, we will discuss how Runecast can help you with L1TF vulnerability. Some months ago we had a vulnerability Meltdown and Spectre affecting Intel x86 microprocessors, IBM POWER processors, and some ARM-based microprocessors. That vulnerability allows a rogue process to read all memory, even when it is not authorized to do so. [...]

24 02, 2018

Runecast Analyzer first full Review

By | 2018-03-13T12:44:24+01:00 February 24th, 2018|Olher, Partners, VMware, vSAN|0 Comments

Before this Runecast Analyzer first full Review, I had the opportunity to check Runecast, in its initial versions launched at the Beginning of 2017. Mainly when we had the vSphere 6.0 PSOD update 2, I use the tool to check any issues in our environment that could trigger this vSphere PSOD bug. I also use [...]