New vCenter 7 Update 3b how to update – now removed by VMware

-- Important note: Incredible that I have published this blog post that I had written a couple of days ago and did some changes to publish and after publishing I check the vCenter 7 Update 3b Release Notes doesn't exist anymore. According to KB86191 the patch and also the ISO version was removed from VMware [...]

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vSAN: API calls from VC to hosts are falling

In this quick and small blog postfix about vSAN. I get in vSAN Health Network checks an error with one of the vSAN ESXi hosts:  "Checks if API calls from VC to a host are falling while the host is in connected state". In VMware KB we can't find much information about how to fix [...]

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How to remove a dead vCenter Linked Mode

If you have a vCenter that was dead, removed, or only not in use anymore but was in linked mode, you will receive warnings every time you open the master vCenter, so in this blog post, we will explain how to remove a dead vCenter Linked Mode. Has we can see in the next image, [...]

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vMotion failed because duplicated IP

After some blog posts about the latest versions of Backup Tools is time for some technical blogging with this vMotion failed because of duplicated IP. This week had a strange issue with one of our vCenters while trying to migrate some VMs from one of the vCenter Clusters. The migrations always failed when trying to [...]

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How to add and config vCenter and ESXi hosts in SCVMM 2019

Following the previous SCVMM 2019 Series article, Install and config System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2019, is this new article “How to add and config vCenter and ESXi hosts in SCVMM 2019”. Adding your VMware environment to the System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2019 is not very difficult, is very straightforward to do it. Unfortunately, [...]

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[Updated] vCenter update VMware Python failed code 3010

Note: Initial post was posted on 23/04/2016. [Updated]  When applying a vCenter update VMware Python failed code 3010. Was an update from our Windows vCenter 6.0 to 6.0 update 2 we get this strange error: "Installation of component VMware Python components failed  with error code '3010'" Troubleshooting the problem, it seems that is only related [...]

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vCenter issue: vSphere Client fails with “Invalid URL: The hostname could not parsed.”

Today when rebooting one of our vCenters 6.0 and try to connect using vSphere Client we get this issue "Invalid URL: The hostname could not be parsed." The issue itself is described in VMware KB 1033990. Since there were no changes in the URL, was a strange issue. There are some options to fix the [...]

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ESXi 6.0 reports “error code: 15” during Remediate update in VUM operation

Another vCenter another ESXi with problems applying last updates. In this case is a HP DL360 G9 with ESXi 6.0 build 3568940. Using VMware Update Manager to scan it shows 17 updates to install, stage is 7(the rest are older versions), when remediate the host we get this: Remediate entity esxi721.localdomain. The host returns esxupdate [...]

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vCenter 6.0 vMotion Issue – PBM error occurred during PreMigrate- CheckCallback

Today we had an issue where was not possible to do any Storage tasks from one of our vCenters. Adding a Virtual Disk to a VM, we get some issues and trying to vStorage(migrate VM between Datastores) VMs get this issue: "Relocate virtual machine "VM Name" A general system error occurred: PBM error occurred during [...]

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