VeeamON 2021 Update online event is coming

VeeamON 2021 Update event is coming on October 13th For AMERS and October 14th for APJ & EMEA, and it is time for a view of what will be discussed. In this VeeamON 2021 update, Veeam will show the new updates on their products, demos, and use cases. This is a two hours event full [...]

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VeeamON Tour Germany on 17th June

After the great success of the VeeamON 2021, Veeam will launch VeeamON Tour Germany on 17th June for the DACH region. DACH(Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) is a great market for Veeam, and every year there is a VeeamON just for this region. This blog provirtualzone.com every year is a media partner for the VeeamON German [...]

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VeeamON 2020 is Online and Free

We all know that these are not normal times and that all events (IT and not IT) have been canceled or switched to online events, and VeeamON is no different, and now VeeamON 2020 is Online and Free. VeeamON 2020 Online Event will be on June 17-18. At least one thing is good, it is [...]

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VeeamON Virtual 2019 on 20th November

This November, its time for VeeamON Virtual 2019 on 20th November. VeeamON Virtual is a live event from Veeam. As previous online events from Veeam, particular these VeeamON events, all technical sessions will be live streaming, and anyone can watch from any device that is connected to the internet, and best is completely free. You [...]

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VeeamON 2019 my recap

After a few days resting and healing (I will go there next) is time to do VeeamON 2019 my recap. Before I start my blog post, I would like to thank you to my "mother" company ELITS for supporting my trip to this awesome VeeamON in Miami. ELITS is a Swedish consulting company that provides [...]

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VeeamON Forum Germany on the 5th of June

In 5th of June, VeeamON Forum is back to Germany for a new event. Is the opportunity to German Veeam customers know all about the news from Veeam and attend some technical sessions. Again this year, myself and this blog,  I am proud to be a Media Partner for this great event. At the VeeamON [...]

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VeeamON Virtual 2018 in 5th December

      Veeam as announced another VeeamON event, this time VeeamON Virtual 2018 in 5th December will be a Virtual Event. That means you can register in the event and sit in your office, home or whatever you are, and attend this great VeeamON Virtual 218 event. This VeeamON events are "The Premier Conference [...]

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VeeamON Forum Germany in 7th June

VeeamON Forum Germany in 7th June this year will have the slogan "Hyper-Available future starts now."  VeeamON Forum Germany will take place in Congress Park Hanau in the region of Hesse near Frankfurt. VeeamON Forum in Germany is a "Premier Conference for Intelligent Data Management." Is also with great proud that Veeam did invite me [...]

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VeeamON 2017

This year VeeamON2017 is to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana on May 16th /18th. Is with a great honor that I humbly thank to Veeam for their invitation this year as a blogger and Veeam specialist. This is a great opportunity to see in loco all the news about Veeam and other vendors like [...]

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