VeeamON Tour 2022 in Germany

I have discussed VeeamON Tour 2022  in my previous blog post VeeamON Tour 2022 is on the road! But this time is only VeeamON Tour 20200 in Germany. After VeeamON 2022 in Las Vegas, Veeam will have several VeeamON events in Europe(across EMEA) during the rest of the year. After many events throughout Europa, this [...]

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VeeamON Virtual 2019 on 20th November

This November, its time for VeeamON Virtual 2019 on 20th November. VeeamON Virtual is a live event from Veeam. As previous online events from Veeam, particular these VeeamON events, all technical sessions will be live streaming, and anyone can watch from any device that is connected to the internet, and best is completely free. You [...]

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VeeamON Virtual 2018 in 5th December

      Veeam as announced another VeeamON event, this time VeeamON Virtual 2018 in 5th December will be a Virtual Event. That means you can register in the event and sit in your office, home or whatever you are, and attend this great VeeamON Virtual 218 event. This VeeamON events are "The Premier Conference [...]

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