vSAN find and delete unassociated or inaccessible objects

In this vSAN find and delete unassociated or inaccessible objects blog post, I will discuss an issue I had a couple of weeks ago. I had a vSAN with some issues with some inaccessible objects and could not resync or fix them using the vSAN. Even detach and reattach the ESXi host did not fix [...]

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vSAN: API calls from VC to hosts are falling

In this quick and small blog postfix about vSAN. I get in vSAN Health Network checks an error with one of the vSAN ESXi hosts:  "Checks if API calls from VC to a host are falling while the host is in connected state". In VMware KB we can't find much information about how to fix [...]

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How to fix vSAN Cluster hosts out of sync

In this How to fix vSAN Cluster hosts out of sync, I will explain how to fix this type of issues triggered by network issues. This week we had some issues in one of our vSAN vCenter. Some warnings about network and vSAN nodes cannot communicate with each other. vSAN network uses DHCP provided by Juniper [...]

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What is new in vSphere and vSAN 7.0 U1

In the last week, VMware announced his first update for vSphere and vSAN 7.0. In this blog post, we will see What is new in vSphere and vSAN 7.0 U1. Important to notice that this is just the announcement and not the release yet. The official release should be set to October/November. I will not [...]

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Runecast Analyzer v4.3.2 detailed review

After a while, I am back to the reviews of the Runecast Analyzer product. In this Runecast Analyzer v4.3.2 detailed review will check what is new and review all the new features and talk about a little bit about each feature and show how to use it. As a partner of this blog, I have [...]

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How to update vSAN bypassing health check failed

When we have a vSAN Cluster with non-compatible hardware health check block the use of VUM (VMware Update Manager) to update our vSAN Cluster. The same happens if we use a Nested vSAN (since Health Check will inform that iSCSI controller is not VMware supported). So in this blog post, we will learn how to [...]

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vSAN fix for small magnetic disks

If you are using small magnetic disks in your vSAN than, smaller than 255 Gb, then you need a vSAN fix for small magnetic disks. If you do not change your vSAN settings to allow SSD disks smaller than 255Gb, your virtual machines that run on vSAN datastores might experience disk space issues. When vSAN [...]

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What is new in vSAN 6.7

This blog post is mainly about What is new in vSAN 6.7. But this week (17th of April) VMware launches their 6.7 versions of their vSphere portfolio. A list of VMware products was launched with the version 6.7. Main products are vSphere, vCenter, vRealize Operations Manager and vSAN. In the next days will try to [...]

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Fix wrong vSAN Cluster partitions

My vSAN was getting some warnings about vSAN cluster partitions. Checking my vSAN partitions, I notice vSAN has some Cluster partitions. As we can notice in the above image, we have two different partitions. To understand why we need to check in each ESXi vSAN Cluster. Connect to ESXi trough ssh and starting to run [...]

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