/vCenter error: The resource ‘400’ is in use

vCenter error: The resource ‘400’ is in use

A couple of days when some of Windows teams members try to clone a VM they get this error “The resource ‘400’ is in use” and the clone was not possible.







Was the first time I see this error.

When you read in a vCenter a VM related error like “Resource is in use” then you know is a resource in the VM that is being use. Or in this case a vCenter resource.

Troubleshooting the logs in the VM, but also in the vCenter first we need to identify what is the resource 400.

In the logs we have this:

So we can identify that the resource belongs to Network, specifically to a vDS Portgroup.

Checking VM settings we can see that this is port ID used by the VM in the vDS Portgroup.











So we need to troubleshoot vCenter logs in the clone why is this resource being use and canceling the clone.

This is what we see in the vCenter logs:

Looking at the logs seems that the issue is when cloning the VM and removing  the vDS  port(source and destination)

The resource ‘400’ is the vDS port on the VM source subnet. The cause is that the cloning is trying to create in the destination a vDS with the Port ID 400 using the same subnet that is already been use in the vDS Portgroup, so the clone fails.


When cloning we need to remove the interface(or change the network to vSwitch network) of the clone and finish the clone. After the conning just recreate the Interface, or just back to the original vDS network that we need.

Clone again and before finish, just choose the option Edit virtual hardware and then remove the interface(or change to a vSwitch network).

Found also a KB similar to this issue: KB2064681

Hope this can help bypass this error in the future.

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