/Veeam 100 Summit 2022 Prague Recap – Second day

Veeam 100 Summit 2022 Prague Recap – Second day

After the #Veeam100Summit 2022 is finished, I am writing a recap of the 3 days of the summit. This blog post, Veeam 100 Summit 2022 Prague Recap – Second day, is the recap of the second day of the Veeam 100 Summit.

Here you can read the first blog regarding the first day Veeam 100 Summit 2022 Prague Recap – First day.

On the second day, we had six sessions; two had some YELLOW content that I couldn’t give much detail about.

#Veeam100Summit Second day

First Session – Coffee & The Cloud: Hot Topics in Azure, AWS and Google Cloud

This session was presented by Leah Troscianecki – Principal Product Marketing Manager, Public Cloud, and Kirsten Stoner – Technologist – Product Strategy.

The session was about Public Cloud and who is using it, who backup to Cloud, and what workloads are in the Cloud. Many information about the Public Cloud, what customers are using today, and what customers are planning to use in the future.

The information is based on the reports Cloud Protection Trends Report 2021 and Cloud Protection Trends Report 2023. Since the 2023 report is not public yet, I will only provide some examples for the 2021 report.

  • The first example of the report is a Backup to the Cloud or On-Prem.

As we can see in the next slide, the tendency is a growth of Backups to the cloud to the Cloud and less On-Prem. These numbers give us a view of what companies think about backup to the Cloud and the advantages that they get by using the Cloud for their main Backups, or as a DR solution.

As we can see in the next slide, Veeam provides many options to use the Cloud for your backups using Immutability and for the retention of your Backups (including Archiving). That includes the main Public Cloud Providers with the Veeam Ready seal.

With these options, companies can protect and save their Backups from Ransomware attacks and are ready for a restore if needed.

An example of All the Workloads that you can protect with Veeam and from one Single Platform.

  • What’s different about lift & shift of workloads to the cloud?

In another slide on the 2021 report, see how many companies have brought their workloads from the Cloud to their own Datacenter(On-Prem). Even though we don’t see a big percentage, I can say that this number has increased in the new 2023 report. Meaning that many companies are bringing their Workloads back from the Cloud.

There are many reasons why companies are doing this. Some are organizational reasons, others technical, but many are a matter of costs. Because Cloud sprawl can be very expensive, what starts to be 20/30% bugged, with the increase of the Workloads, services, etc., this number can go for many hundreds of thousands.

  • Controlling backup costs to and within the cloud

In this next slide, we can see the reasons and costs, but in this case if for moving Backups to the Cloud.

  • Preparing for the when-not-if of cybersecurity threat management

What about Ransomware? What is the number?

This next slide is very important in the Ransomware subject. What are the biggest Impacts on companies when they have a Ransomware attack? Of course, losing data is the main impact, but downtime and loss of productivity are also two important subjects because this means that the company loses a lot of money. At the same time, the sytems are down, and there is less productivity.

After a Ransomware attack, what is the Recoverability Gap? What is possible to recover, and how much data is useful after the attack?

With 65% media, this is not a good number for company data. That is why it is very important to have a proper Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan together with a proper Ransomware plan.

Second Session Veeam Backup for Public Cloud Updates

This session was presented by Niels EngelenPrincipal Analyst, Product Management at Veeam Software.

Following the previous session, Nielsen presented the updates in the Cloud backups.

This session was YELLOW, so there is not much stuff I can talk about here.

Third Session – Cloud and Service Provider Update: v12 Veeam Cloud & Service Provider, Clouds and Veeam ONE

In this session was presented by Anthony SpiteriSenior Technologist, Product StrategyKirsten Stoner – Technologist – Product Strategy, and Fabian Kessler – Product Management Analyst.

In this session, there was so much information and updates on those products that I can’t share here at all. So I will try to show the most important ones.

For Veeam Cloud Console and Console Providers was presented by Anthony Spiteri.

One of the most important updates on the Veeam Cloud Connect (VCSP and Cloud Director) is the use of all the new versions of Veeam Public Cloud Backup and the latest Veeam Backup Microsoft Office 365 6.0.

Here is the latest roadmap for the Veeam Cloud Connect.

Veeam Backup & Replication v12 introduces more flexibility and simplification for Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partners, including:

  • Low RPO DRaaS
    • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) For Veeam Cloud Connect and VMware Cloud Director
  • Cloud Acceleration
    • Direct to Object backup
    • Native, application-consistent
    • Oneclick cloud deployment of Veeam infrastructure
  • Cyber Resilience
    • Immutability everywhere
    • Rapid identification and recovery of affected data
    • Maintain control, avoid lock-in
  • Optimized to Scale
    • Flexible data protection for the entire hybrid ecosystem
    • Smarter storage management
    • Day 2 Operations now easier than ever

There is a v12 for Service Provider Webinar where you can check all the updates for VCSP. Since it was in the VeeamON 2022, you can register to watch the recording HERE.

In the next two slides, we can check all the features from Veeam Backup & Replication v12.

It is an impressive list, I must say.

All the above v12 features are included in the Cloud Connect tool.

Other two examples are:

  • Backup to object storage

Where is it possible to Backup directly to Object Storage and also do a replication from Object Storage to Object Storage. Proving extra security and retention on your Backups.

Using the feature: Scale-out Backup Repository – OBJECT STORAGE EVERYWHERE.

  • CDP via Cloud Connect

Now is also possible to use CDP in our Cloud Connect (for VCSP or VMware Cloud Director). Create CDP directly to your VSCP Cloud or Cloud Director.

Anthony Spiteri has a youtube video explaining how this CDP for Cloud Director works and shows us a demo. Check it HERE.

In the Cloud Backups, Veeam focuses on three main areas, Cloud, Security, and Containers.

  • Cloud
    • Veeam Cloud & Service Providers
    • AWS
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud

  • Security
    • Immutable Data
    • 3-2-1 Backups
    • Monitoring & Alerting
    • Secure Restore
    • Dynamic Documentation
  • Containers
    • Kasten by Veeam
      • Backup & Recovery
      • Application Mobility
      • Disaster Recovery

With the above areas, Veeam is providing Backup from all types of infrastructures

After discussing many features and updates from Backup to the Cloud using Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam Cloud Connect. In the same session, some talks about Veeam ON v12 for Cloud Providers.

  • Veeam ONE for Service Providers

Kirsten Stoner presented this part of the session.

Since this is a new product for Service Providers, what is new, and what type of features and reports can services providers use from this Veeam ONE for Service Providers.

  • Key features
    Utilize REST APIs to query data about backup infrastructure components

    • Production Ready
    • Unleash automation & third-party integration
    • Provides access to complete set of data
  • Monitoring & reporting on Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365
    • Oversee the whole VBM365 landscape
    • Integrate with third-party solutions, pull desired data using REST API
    • Proactively react to issues
    • Gain reporting
  • Enhanced CDP support
    • Monitor VMware Cloud Director over CDP
    • CDP to Cloud Connect Policies
    • CDP alarms support both scenarios
    • Linux CDP Proxy monitoring
  • Cloud Connect Monitoring
    • Monitor cloud connect repositories & cloud gateways
    • Reports that show quota usage help with capacity planning and configuration
    • Simplify troubleshooting to become more proactive

And also some reports.

Next, Fabian Kessler presented Veeam Service Provider Console v7.

What are the Veeam Service Provider Console capabilities?

  • Integration Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365
  • Integration with Veeam Backup for AWS and Azure
  • Veeam Agent Restore Portal
  • Integration With Veeam Backup & Replication

And what is new? Here is the full features list.

Fourth Session – Veeam Backup for Salesforce v1

The presentation of this new product was presented by Andrey Zhelezko – Product Strategy, and Mike Resseler Director Product Management.

Veeam Backup for Salesforce 1.0 is a new product with many features and information that needs a blog post just to talk about this product, so I will just add some of the main information to some of the slides from the session.

Salesforce is a product that is not very easy to backup. Mike and Andrey show us how Veeam can do this and how Veeam backup and handles Salesforce data.

When I have time, I will write a more detailed blog post about this product.

Fifth Session – Veeam100 vs 1: Thunderdome Edition

Rasmus Haslund – Principal Technologist and VMCT Program Manager, presented this final session of the day.

The main discussion in this session was about Veeam training and Veeam certification, Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE), and Veeam Certified Architect (VMCA).

No slides for this session since it was mostly a discussion about the training. Improvements, new exams, and also a funny demo technical exam for all.

And this was the last session of the Veeam 100 Summit second day.

We finish the session day with a Veeam 100 group photo.

Veeam 100 Summit party dinner.

And the day was not over. On the second day, we had our Veeam 100 group party dinner event.

The dinner was in the boat Cargo Gallery Cafe a very nice place and the party, as always, was really good. Good food and some drinks.

These are not the best photos of the event, but these are the ones I took.

It was a bit empty when I took this one.

I will try to write the last day of the Veeam 100 Summit in the next few days. Since I am leaving for VMware Explore this week, I may need to delay the last post about the Veeam 100 Summit.

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