/Veeam Backup Catalog Service doesn’t start – “LastSyncTimeUtc”

Veeam Backup Catalog Service doesn’t start – “LastSyncTimeUtc”

In the monthly maintenance there is always something new, this time in one of our Veeam Backup Server the Veeam Backup Catalog Service doesn’t start – “LastSyncTimeUtc”.

First this is a Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 update 4 running in a Windows 2016.

After some maintenance on the Veeam Backup Server (some Windows updates and other patches) and a reboot, Veeam Backup Catalog Service doesn’t start. Most normal issue with this happen is there is some changes on the catalog folder, or issues in the disk/volumes where the service folder is running. In last blog post about how to upgrade to the new Veeam v10 I have address some of those issues.


But checking the Catalog Service log, that was not the case and a “LastSyncTimeUtc” was not found under the tree” issue was in the logs.

Note: Veeam Catalog Service log is located in: C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup\Svc.VeeamCatalog.log

Needed to google for this one since I never saw this issue. Found in Veeam KB2775 the solution for this issue.

It seems that the problem in the file is located in the file unpacked_data.txt that is located in Veeam Catalog folder: C:\VBRCatalog\Index\Machines\ (if you configured your Catalog in a different disk or Volume, you need to use that path).

The file data content is supposed to be something like this:

Analyzing the file unpacked_data.txt in this server it had 1Kb and was completely empty. Somehow the file got corrupted.


the solution for fix the issue, is to rename the file to something like: OLDunpacked_data.txt

Then restart the the Veeam Catalog Service and it will re-create the file with the proper content.

As we can see in the next image, the old file and also the new recreated unpacked_data.txt file.

Double-checking the file data content, now it has the proper data.

And now Veeam Catalog Service is running and all is good with the index of Veeam Enterprise Manager.

I hope this information was useful, and you learn how to fix the issue Veeam Backup Catalog Service doesn’t start – “LastSyncTimeUtc”.

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