/Veeam launched Patch 2 for Backup & Replication v10

Veeam launched Patch 2 for Backup & Replication v10

Veeam launched the latest patch for Veeam Backup & Replication v10. This new patch adds officially support for vSphere 7.

In this new available cumulative patch, Veeam launched Patch 2 for Backup & Replication v10 with a lot of new hotfixes. Since this is a cumulative patch, it will include Patch 1 – KB3127 that was launched on 02-04-2020.

This the second patch launched for v10 since it was GA on the 18th of February, both patches added improvements and fixes to the v10. Also added more supported systems like vSphere 7.

To apply this new patch, your Veeam Backup & Replication v10 versions, you need version or P1. After you apply the patch 2 your version will be P2.

Important: For customers that are using Cloud Connect, this patch is not compatible with the Cloud Connect infrastructure based on the RTM build Please confirm with your service provider that they are using the GA build (any patch level) prior to upgrading!

What is included in this Veeam launched Patch 2 for Backup & Replication v10?

I will display some of the details about this cumulative patch 2. For full details about this patch, check KB3161.

  • Support for vSphere 7
  • Amazon AWS
    • Added support for Cape Town and Milan data center regions in all related functionality.
  • Configuration Database
    • High CPU consumption on the SQL Server hosting the configuration database caused by the AggregateSqlPointsInfo stored procedure during transaction log backup.
  • Backup from Storage Snapshots
    • Under certain circumstances, backup jobs may fail with the “Cannot retrieve physical extents for connecting iSCSI target IQN {0} on proxy IQN {1}” error.
  • NAS Backup
    • VSS snapshot fails to be created with the “Access is denied” error for SMB file shares hosted on some NAS devices due to lack of impersonation.
    • Backup of different files shares from the same server or NAS may fail with the “Failed to create a VSS snapshot” whenever VSS snapshot creation calls overlap.
  • User Interface
    • High backup server CPU consumption by the Veeam Backup Service in large environments while the user interface is open and no jobs are active.
    • High backup server RAM consumption by the UI Service process and slow performance of historical sessions view in environments with very large number of sessions.
    • Opening an existing VMware backup job’s settings takes a long time for jobs using a scale-out backup repository with a large number of extents as the target.

This is an essential patch since fix some of the issues that customers are getting when using v10. So you should apply the patch to your Veeam v10 Servers.

In my systems, I notice at least 1 or 2 issues that will be fixed with this patch, like CPU consumption.

How to apply patch?

I have explained and show how to apply this patch in many of my blog posts about Veeam. This is very easy, just run the patch in your Veeam Server, and the patch will install and update all your Veeam Server Componentes(also the remotes componentes like Porixes).


The patch is still not added to Download products, you need to download from the KB patch page.

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