/VMware launching a New vCenter Converter Beta

VMware launching a New vCenter Converter Beta

I rarely write about others’ blog posts, but in this case, it is a very important tool for me(explained in this blog post). Just read a blog post from William Lam about VMware launching a New vCenter Converter Beta.

According to William, It seems that VMware is bringing back the vCenter Converter or just VMware Converter. This is a tool that so many VMware customers still use and always asking where to download. VMware justified removing this tool with: “does not comply with VMware’s high standards for security and stability.”

I can understand the justification to remove the product because security is everything these days. But maybe it should be nice to launch an alternative first, and now I hope these issues are fixed in this new version, and we can now have the tool back.

Why is this tool important to me, or why do I have a history with it? I started the blogging journey around 2006/2007 when I was in France for a huge P2V project, and on that project, I used VMware Converter and built a process to help smooth this process. The how-to document was left in the company as the default process on How to P2v Windows Servers(I made some changes afterward to also use on Linux servers). With pre-tasks and post-tasks that need to be done during the P2V process.

So I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to start blogging and start with this topic that back then was the initial P2v from physical to Virtual. Many companies were still working with physical and were migrating to these new Virtual Infrastructures, and P2V was very important. Back then, it was not an easy process. Unfortunately, that blog post was posted on my previous blog, which I deleted, and the migration to the current blog and domain name did not migrate all the old posts, and I lost some.

For many customers like me, the alternative could be using Veeam Software backup(backup physical and restore as a VM) to do some P2V. Other backup companies today can also do this, like Vembu, Nakivo, and Altaro. The tool starwind-v2v-converter from StarWind Inc. was also a good alternative for customers. But in my latest P2v, I use Veeam for this conversion.

Let us wait for this new VMware converter version and hope it is an even better and faster P2v. At the moment, the information in William’s post is that a Beta version will be available to test, and I plan to be one of those beta testers 🙂

PS: Thanks to William Lam for sharing this news with us.

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