/Votes for Top vBlog 2018 are open

Votes for Top vBlog 2018 are open

Again Eric Siebert and is an excellent site vSphere-Land started the voting for the best Virtualization Blog for 2017.  Like every year, Eric site promotes voting to the best vBlog in the Virtualization blogosphere.

Is the second year that I will be in the list with my blog www.provirtualzone.com in the Eric blog voting thevpad.com list. Vote HERE.

In my first year participating this voting, I reached the best Virtualization Blog #152 and for the best favorite 2016 blog in #15. Like I said before, for the first year I participate in this voting was not bad.

The current year it has been a good year in the #vCommunity and also in the vBlog community. Even I continue to struggle with free time to write technical content, and I manage to write 43 blog posts in 2017 and 34 this year until now. Sometimes is not just the time to write, but also mentally tired and inspiration to write something doesn’t flow.

Again in my articles waiting list, I have around 10 articles that are on hold (particularly from vSphere, vSAN, Flash Storage, Veeam, and Backups), but always postponing and try to pick some of that list every month.

So back to the vBlog voting, if you think my blog is useful and have good articles and useful information regarding Virtualization environment, then please cast your vote. You can find this blog at the bottom (by alphabetic order) with the name Pro Virtual Zone. However, you can search by author name Luciano Patrao.

The sections that I am listed to vote are:

  • Best 2017 vBlog
  • Best 2017 Independent Blogger

We will need to choose your 12 favorite blogs from the blog list thevpad.com. Vote HERE.

There is, of course, hundreds of virtualization blogs on the internet. Some with excellent content and not so known, so this is the time you to vote for your favorites vBlogs and give a change to all the bloggers to have their work recognize.

The voting process will end 15/12/2018.

Some quotes from Eric regarding blogs and the vBlog voting process.

Type of blogs/bloggers:

  • Public voting – total points based on how many people voted for you and how they ranked you, weighted points based on ranking (#1 vote = 12 pts, #2 vote = 11 pts…..#12 vote = 1 point)
  • # of posts published – points awarded for how many posts you had in 2017, more posts = more points, aggregators excluded, (# of 2017 posts x 2) (400 max)
  • Google PageSpeed score –  points awarded for how well your blog is designed and how efficient it is which makes for a better experience for readers, the better you score, the more points awarded (Google PageSpeed score % * 200 possible points)

Total Points = Voting points + Post points + PageSpeed points

These factors combined make up the total points a blog can score and determines how they end up ranked in the final results. Some other changes and rules this year:

  • Again this year you can pick 12 of your favorite blogs (instead of 10) and also rank them in your order of preference after you pick your 12. The results will be weighted with a #1 ranking getting 12 points and a #12 ranking getting 1 point.
  • Again this last year there is again a minimum blog post requirement to be eligible for Top vBlog voting, any blog that did not have at least 10 blog posts in 2017 is not included in the voting.
  • Again this year we also having voting in special categories to help distinguish certain types of blogs. The choices of which blogs to include in the categories was the result of this survey and my best guessing. The categories are independent of the general voting.

If my like what you read in my blog or anyone else’s was useful for you, please vote for them! We all appreciate it to see our work be recognized.

To vote go to the voting page, and then click on the vote icon HERE.

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