/vSphere Client 6.7 VUM failed to authenticate

vSphere Client 6.7 VUM failed to authenticate

By now we were getting used to the issues that the new HTML5 vSphere Client 6.5 has. VMware is fixing most of them, and also have promised that on the next versions all features will be supported. But until then we still have to deal with some of the issues and in even in vSphere Client 6.7 VUM failed to authenticate is a known issue for VMware.

It appears that if you have your vSphere Client open for a while and don’t use Update Manager, VUM plug-in will crash and stop working. Update Manager plug-in for the vSphere Client might become unauthenticated.

If you go to the Update Manager option, nothing is working, and no information from VUM is displayed. Restarting the services will not fix the problem since the issue is in the plug-in and we still have a vSphere Client 6.7 VUM failed to authenticate issue.

According to VMware vSphere Update Manager 6.7 Release Notes this is a knows issue in the Know issues section.

“If you did not use Update Manager functionality for some time, the Update Manager plug-in for the vSphere Client might become unauthenticated. On the Updates tab of the vSphere Client, you might see one of the following error messages:”

  • The session is not authenticated
  • VUM failed to authenticate
  • Security Error

There is no fix for this (maybe in the 6.7 update 1?), and the only way to fix this is a workaround: Log out from the vSphere Client, and log in again.

After log out from vSphere Client and log back again now Update Manager is working.

Is an easy fix, but this issue shows that VMware still has a lot of work to do to stable this vSphere Client version HTML5. Even this issue is in the Update Manager plug-in.

Let us hope the announced new vSphere 6.7 update 1 would include the fix for this issue and others that we still encounter.

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