/What is new in vSAN 6.7

What is new in vSAN 6.7

What is new in vSAN 6.7

This blog post is mainly about What is new in vSAN 6.7. But this week (17th of April) VMware launches their 6.7 versions of their vSphere portfolio. A list of VMware products was launched with the version 6.7. Main products are vSphere, vCenter, vRealize Operations Manager and vSAN.

In the next days will try to go through some of those products and provide some reviews and feedback, but today we will focus only on What is new in vSAN 6.7.

Today will focus on some of the new main features and enchantments that VMware added to this version, but also some improvements.



The new Features and Enchantments in vSAN 6.7 are focused in three areas:

  • Intuitive Operation Experience

    • New HMTL5 User Interface.
    • vRealize Operations within vCenter.
    • Support for WSFC Using vSAN iSCSI Service.
  • Consistence Application Experience

    • Improved Performance with Adaptive Resync.
    • Performance Improvements through faster destaging.
    • Fast Decommissioning of Host Trough Replica Consolidation.
    • Improved¬† Space Efficiency with the New Object Provisioning.
    • Fast Failovers When Using Redundant vSAN Networks.
    • Optimizing Witness Traffic Separation for Stretched Clusters.
    • Intelligence Site Continuity for Stretched Clusters.
    • Stretched Cluster Efficient Resync with Power Owner.
  • Holistic Support Experience

    • Health Check Enchantments.
    • Intelligence Support Trough vSAN Support Insight.
    • Enhanced Diagnostics Partition (coredump) Support.
    • Support 4Kn Devices in vSphere and vSAN.
    • Improved Security with vSphere FIPS 140-2 Validation.

Above features and Enchantments are the main areas where VMware did focus the changes for this new 6.7 version.
Note: In the next weeks I will test and write more in detail about each one.

Besides these main features, vSAN 6.7 had new features or improvements updates.

In this new vSAN 6.7 version, VMware did focus on two significant areas performance and availability. Particularly improving Stretched Clusters. Improving and reviewing the HTML5 UI was also a big step for a better product.

William Liam did list all download link URL for the new VMware versions HERE.

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