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Have you done your backups today?

Today is World Backup Day, and we shouldn’t  need a Backup Day to recall us that Backups are a fundamental responsibility inside of your company, or even for your personal data(personal laptop, smartphone, etc.). Because we only miss them, when we need them.

One of the rules for backups should always be “is better to have it and don’t need it than need it and don’t have it.”

Official World Backup Day site.

You have your backups for years and never used, then you should be thankful. Not just for a small file, or a VM restore, but mostly for a full infrastructure restore.

According to Krollontrack survey:

  • 35% of customers that lost their data didn’t had a current backup.
  • 7% of customers that lost their data believe their data is secure without a backup.
  • 14% of customers that lost their data reply that finding the right backup solution and costs managing the backup infrastructure entailed too much work.
  • 75% of customers backup are performed unencrypted.
  • 30% of the people never did a backup of their devices or infrastructure.

Plus these survey numbers we can add:

  • 1 in 10 computers is infected every month.
  • 29% disasters are caused by accident.
  • Almost 15% of backups can’t be restored since backups were corrupted.
  • 25% stated that they Backup Tool failed to work properly.

However, having backups maybe not be enough. 15% known in a hard way, backups needs to be checked and certified after a backup is finished. The day you need your backup cannot be restore.

This is why your Virtual Backups (and also physical) should always be certified after the backups are finished.

In Nakivo Backup & Replication this is done by a feature called Screenshot Verification and encrypted backups.



The Screenshot Verification can automatically verify all VM backups and replicas and send screenshots of recovered VMs as a proof.

Here’s how it works:

  • For VM Backups: After a VM backup is completed, NAKIVO Backup & Replication recovers the VM with Flash VM Boot, disables networking on the VM to prevent network connections, makes a screenshot of the booted OS, discards the recovered VM, and sends a report with the screenshot via email.
  • For VM replicas: After a VM replication is completed, NAKIVO Backup & Replication disables networking on the VM replica to prevent network connections, powers on the replica, makes a screenshot of the booted OS, then powers off the replica and reverts it back to the original recovery point.

Screenshot Verification can also be run ad hoc for any backup or replica or scheduled to run on a particular day.

Note: Read HERE more about Nakivo Backup & Replication new v7.

Today backups and data is not only about Backup, but also Backup verification and Data availability. Without access to your backup data, your backups are unusable.

Backup certification and replicate your Virtual Infrastructure to a DR offsite for Data availability is something that should always be in the top of the rules for your Backup and data availability. Those rules together with the GFS rule that we discussed HERE.
“What is your retention period? One week (5 days than in the 6th day starts over). What is your monthly/year retention? Always check what are the best retention period for your type of business and your data. Because RPO and RTO are crucial in the day you will need to restore your systems.”

The 3-2-1 rule that we also discussed HERE, are the ways to prevent the loss of your Data and have minimum downtime with good RTO vs RPO.

“In the 3-2-1 rule keep at least three copies of your data. Primary backups are usually located in the Storage Backup Repository for a quick restore and at least two other copies.  Send your backup data to two different Storage types and at least one copy in an offsite.”

In this day, do not forget to backupbackup… but do it with a proper process and rules. So that in the day you need your backups, they are ready and 100% guaranteed that you can restore a fully working Backup.

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