22 08, 2023

Veeam Backup: A Shield Against Cuba Ransomware

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In this Veeam Backup: A Shield Against Cuba Ransomware, we will discuss Cuba Ransomware in Veeam Backup & Replication. This vulnerability was discovered and fixed back in March, but incredibly today, in August, we still read the news that Cuba Ransomware attacked companies(and governments) using this vulnerability. This means that companies are not following the [...]

10 08, 2023

Hornetsecurity – Security Awareness Training

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Are you prepared to protect your organization from the ever-evolving threats in the digital world? With cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent, businesses must prioritize their cybersecurity measures. One effective way to fortify your defenses is through Cyber Security Awareness Training. This blog post, Hornetsecurity - Security Awareness Training, will explore what Cyber Security Awareness [...]

31 07, 2023

How to use the new feature VeeaMover from Veeam Backup & Replication v12

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Recently I needed to use this new feature VeeaMover from Veeam Backup & Replication v12. In this blog post on How to use the new feature VeeaMover from Veeam Backup & Replication v12, I will explain how to use it and how helpful and easy to use this feature. What is VeeaMover, and does it [...]

31 07, 2023

What is VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery(VCDR)

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In this What is VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery(VCDR) blog post, we will discuss what VCDR is and how it works. This SaaS solution offers optimized costs, accelerated ransomware recovery, and even allows for a 30-minute RPO (recovery point objective) so that you can get back to business quickly. In this blog post, we'll dive into [...]

28 07, 2023

Ransomware Cyber Security Awareness and The Role of Veeam in Mitigation

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Cybersecurity threats have become a growing concern as we increasingly rely on digital environments to conduct our daily business and personal activities. We will discuss some of these threats in this Ransomware Cyber Security Awareness and The Role of Veeam in Mitigation blog post. Ransomware, malicious software that encrypts data and holds it hostage until [...]

20 07, 2023

Hornetsecurity: SysAdmin Day Contest 2023

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It's that time of year again: SysAdmin Day, reminds us to appreciate all the Sysadmins around the world, who are always ready to support our requests, bizarre as they may seem, with patience and dedication. From the Hornetsecurity team, here goes a big thank you! If you are a System/IT Admin and use Hyper-V or [...]

21 06, 2023

VeeamON 2023 Miami: A Recap of Key Highlights and Takeaways

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After returning from a week in Miami for the VeeamON 2023 and a few days resting and busy at work, it is time to recap the event. VeeamON 2023 in Miami was a premier Data Recovery and Data Protection conference that brought together industry leaders, IT professionals, experts, and of course, the Veeam100 members from [...]

15 05, 2023

Hornetsecurity: The Importance of IT Compliance in Modern Business

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IT compliance is a critical aspect of modern business as it refers to the adherence to policies, regulations, and government laws protecting IT systems and processes. IT compliance ensures businesses and organizations operate under strict security requirements, guidelines, and industry best practices for data protection and governance. IT business leaders, CIOs/CTOs/CISOs, MSPs, system administrators, and [...]

19 04, 2023

How to fix vSAN unmounted disks

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In this How to fix vSAN unmounted disks, I will talk about the vSAN mount and unmount disks and how to fix and rebuild the vSAN without losing any data. One vSAN lab had an issue with some of the vSAN Disks this week, with many objects with warnings and some disks in an unhealthy [...]

17 04, 2023

What is new in Hornetsecurity VM Backup v9

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In this What is new in Hornetsecurity VM Backup v9 ( formerly Altaro VM Backup), we will show the new features and enhancements and how to upgrade from previous versions to the new version 9. What is new in this new version? Since my last review of this product, there was a name change. Since [...]