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I am over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. Working with Virtualization for more than 10 years (mainly VMware). I am an MCP, VCP6.5-DCV, VMware vSAN Specialist, Veeam Vanguard 2018/2019, vExpert vSAN 2018/2019 and vExpert for the last 4 years. Specialties are Virtualization, Storage, and Virtual Backups. I am working for Elits a Swedish consulting company and allocated to a Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company as a Teach Lead and acting as a Senior ICT Infrastructure Engineer. I am a blogger and owner of the blog ProVirtualzone.com

Free eBook – A SysAdmin’s Guide to Azure IaaS – Second Edition

Following their eBook publications, Altaro has launched the second edition of their Azure eBook, Free eBook – A SysAdmin’s Guide to Azure IaaS – Second Edition. With the shift in the computing paradigm to the cloud, the Azure ecosystem is quickly becoming a critical platform for IT pros to grasp and adopt. But how do [...]

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vSphere removing inaccessible NFS datastores

In another quick tip, in this vSphere removing inaccessible NFS datastores. I will explain how to troubleshoot and remove these inaccessible datastores that sometimes are left behind and we can't remove normally. There are some blog posts from other bloggers on how to do this, but the case I had last week was not usual, [...]

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Move vSphere Cluster Services (vCLS) VMs datastore

In this quick tip on Move vSphere Cluster Services (vCLS) VMs datastore, I will explain how to move your vCLS VMs to a different datastore and create the Anti-Affinity for vCLS VMs rule. vCLS is a new feature launched with vSphere 7 update 1. In this new feature, vCLS ensures cluster services such as vSphere [...]

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Why Veeam Certified Architect 2022 course is a must

Last week I attended Veeam Backup & Replication V11: Architecture and Design v11 (VMCA 2022) training provided by Veeam. Why Veeam Certified Architect 2022 course is a must for all Senior and not Senior Veeam professionals? I will explain in the following lines. First would like to thank Veeam for allowing me to attend this [...]

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Critical vulnerability in Apache Log4j apply workaround for vCenter and NSX-T

In the last two days, the IT community has been on the alert because of a severe new security threat using when Apache Log4j, Which almost every software/tool out there uses this open-source. In this Critical vulnerability in Apache Log4j apply workaround for vCenter and NSX-T. We will go through a quick review on VMware [...]

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Veeam Vanguard Summit – Prague 2021 Recap

After some weeks of this event, it's time for a Veeam Vanguard Summit – Prague 2021 Recap. This was my first physical event (and I think one of the first in vCommunity) since 2019 after the world closed because of the covid pandemic.  And this was a refresh in our lives, and I miss this, [...]

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New vCenter 7 Update 3b how to update – now removed by VMware

-- Important note: Incredible that I have published this blog post that I had written a couple of days ago and did some changes to publish and after publishing I check the vCenter 7 Update 3b Release Notes doesn't exist anymore. According to KB86191 the patch and also the ISO version was removed from VMware [...]

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Altaro: SysAdmin Horror Stories Vol.3 – FREE eBook

The previously published SysAdmin Horror Stories Vol.1 and Vol.2 highlighted some of SysAdmins’ funniest and most horrifying stories. They proved so successful, that Altaro decided to produce a third and final edition: they’ve gathered some more real-life stories to share with you, that are both funny and horrific! We all know that a SysAdmin’s job [...]

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