In a previous article we have fix some issues regarding the VUM errors and also with ESXi profile.

Again we had some issues with on host when applying updates and was not possible to remediate the updates.

In the initial reboot(after applying the updates) host did not power up, it freezes with this error:

Screen Shot 07-02-16 at 10.58 AM












We did problem before. I wrote anther article regarding this “fatal error 15”.

Need to reboot the ESXi host again, then the ESXi did start, but no updates were installed. When try again to stage the updates we get the “error code 15”. I discuss this issue in this article

I see this type of errors in exupdate.log

Cannot locate source for payload uc_amd of VIB VMware_bootbank_cpu-microcode
Failed to send vob install.stage.error: [Errno 27] File too large

esxupdate: BootBankInstaller.pyc: DEBUG: Creating an empty ImageProfile for bootbank /bootbank
esxupdate: HostImage: DEBUG: Live image has been updated but /altbootbank image has not.  This means a reboot is not safe.
esxupdate: HostImage: DEBUG: Live image has been updated but /altbootbank image has not.  This means a reboot is not safe.

Cannot locate source for payload b of VIB VMware_bootbank_esx-base_6.0.0-2.37.3825889

So it seems that the ESXi image profile was corrupted. Following the tasks from the previous articles did not fix the issue. The problem is in the host boot image.

So I did start to troubleshoot the host image profile.

No host profile in the ESXi host. Even when I copy files from a working ESXi host, after a reboot did not fix the issue. I always get the same problem.

So we need then check the /bootbank image (imgdb.tgz).

First we need to check where the imgdb.tgz is located but run a find command.

System found 2 imgdb, need to check which one if the correct one (the other is just a backup) and see if the file is corrupted or not.

I see the one that have only 183 bytes is the one that is used in the /bootbank. So I immediately suspected that this one is a corrupted file, since the file is ate least 60Kb.
So I check the same image from a working ESXi and see the size.

So as we can see, this is the normal size for a working imgdb file from a working ESXi.

So to fix this, we will copy the same file from a working ESXi to our fault ESXi.

Before copy the image from the working ESXi host, lets make a copy of the corrupt image to the tmp folder and remove the corrupt file.

Before copy the files between hosts, don’t forget again to set the firewall rule to allow the copy. For security reasons, after you do this task, just disable again.

Just copy the file over to the corrupted host.

Note: Even we have already did copy the Profile and VIBs files from the working ESXi (tasks explained in the previous articles and above), we can also do the next step to copy that files into the corrupted ESXi host using the imgdb.tgz file. For that we need to extract the file and copy the folders.

If you had copy the files already following the previous articles and tasks, you can skip the next step.

Next just do a backup of the changes that we made to the bootbank host image profiles.

Next reboot the ESXi host and try again applying the patches, or use the VUM again.

In this case, since we copy a image and profile from a ESXi that had already the bugfix ESXi600-20160500 applied, now in this fixed host it recognizes this bugfix is already installed. That is not correct. The option was to apply again the bugfix manually.

Just upload to our ISO Datastore and run the vib install command.

But then we did get another issue: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/bootbank/conrep.v00’

Checking the file conrep.v00 I see that doesn’t exists in the /bootbank of the corrupted ESXi. So we decided to copy again from the a the working ESXi this file.

Run again the patch install.

No errors found this time.

Reboot the host and everything was ok again with this ESXi and is up to date.

Hope this can help.

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